Sukhson India 2 In 1 Steam Inhaler, For Wellness, For Inhalation, Soothes, Balm effect Vaporizer (Pink)

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3 in 1 Steam Sauna vaporizer Healthgenie is unique in nature it is useful for both health & beauty. This vaporizer is highly effective and easy to use. It is ideal for the purpose of inhalation during cold or respiratory problem. The vaporizer is convenient in carrying while on the go as well as at home. It has a plastic body which is shock resistant and comes with a long cord. The vaporizer has one more advantage, it can be used as a beauty purpose with sauna, you can use the steamer during facial, clean up or in removing clogs out of the face.

Instructions :- 1. Switch Off & remove plug after use. 2. Pour fresh water as per requirement or Upto the level mark.
3. Attach the reqired attachment on top, Plug in & switch it on.

For Inhalation :- 1.Relief from, Common cold, cough & stuff nose, headache, Sinusitis, Bronchitis. 2. Soothes ( Balm effect ) : Strained muscles, Strained joints, stiff joints. 3. Useful in Aroma Therapy & Ayurvedic Treatments. 4. Help fight cold ver effective device recommended by all doctors. 5. Facial Steam Bath Comforts skin after removal of make up : Foundation. 6. Also to soften beard for smoth & clean shave. 7. Cord Length 1mtr Approx. 8. 100% Plastic Body to Prevent Shocks

Caution:- 1. For indoor use only. 2. To be used under adult suervision only. 3. Keep the unit straight while in use. 4. Keep the unit dry when not in use. 5. Add water into the unit only when switched off to avoid risk of electric shock.

Useful In:- 1. Cold, 2. Bronchitis, 3. Laryngitis, 4. Hay Fever, 5. Arthritis, 6. Asthma

For Beauty :- 1. Facial Steam bath : Cleans pores, helps skin glow. Comforts skin after removal of makeup/foundation. 2. Before Pedicure/ Manicure : Softens nails, Cuticles & callous. 3. For Men : Softens Beard for smooth, clean shave.

Additional Info
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